Authentic Norwegian cuisine

Pull up a chair and get a taste of eating Norwegian food, crafted with ingredients from our local butcher, baker and brewery. A stay at Herangtunet is only complete with having sat at our restaurant table and enjoy our Herangtunet grazing platter, with having BBQ-ed the fish you caught in the morning on our outdoor OFYR. Join us for a culinary journey and let the flavors of our locally sourced ingredients leave a lasting impression of Norway.

Join our restaurant from Tuesday till Sunday. Sundays are all about relaxing, that’s why we serve the Herangtunet grazing platter as our sole but perfect dish for a laid-back Sunday evening. The Herangtunet grazing platter is a perfect assortment of bits and bites prepared with as many local specialties and ingredients. Please remember, Mondays offer serenity as our restaurant rests for the day.

Devine food

In summer and winter you can enjoy the art of outdoor cooking. All you got to do is gather around our OFYR and ‘sizzle’ till the time is right to greet or ‘meat’ your self-grilled lunch. 

In the old days, Norwegians used to gather around the fire to eat and tell each other stories of gods and warriors. Today we still like to gather around the fire. And like in the past, we still tell those ancient tales and share our food. Devine food that we prepare on our legendary Ofyr.

Natural ingredients

We will harvest the goodies ourselves as much as possible. With these ingredients we will prepare the most delicious dishes.

Outdoor lunch

Let us take care of the wood, the fire and some really mouth-watering ingredients, including the trout you caught in the morning.

Bits and bites

The Herangtunet grazing plate, a combination of bits and bites prepared with as many local specialties and ingredients. A feast of flavors served on Norwegian wood.