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Alles over Noorwegen van A tot Z
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Squeezed in between the Heggefjord and Jotunheimen national park, Norway’s highest mountain range, in the Norwegian province of Valdres one can find the village of Heggenes. Here, at 500 meters altitude, surrounded by woods and water, is a magnificent estate, with right in the middle, as in a fairy tale, our sizeable wooden home. Its name? Herangtunet, which means ‘farm garden’


Our small luxury hotel in norway is a typical traditional build for the Valdres province. Around it are some more ancient (uninhabited) buildings that the province has moved here in order to conserve its cultural heritage. We acquired Herangtunet in 2003 and are now in a position to house 28 guests in five stylishly themed rooms, four Suites and in a fully furnished apartment.


Our restaurant with a cosy wood-burning stove and big dining tables makes the hall perfect for celebrations and parties. We transferred Herangtunet into a full service design hotel with an authentic atmosphere that anybody would love to have at home!






World ski award winner 2013